2.0 Solution Approach

The Whitemarsh approach is accomplished in the following way:

  • Develop a third normal form enterprise data model that is constructed but only at a high level without detailing all the attributes for the thousand or so entities. Such a data model can be done quickly, and if based on Missions and Database Domains is likely to stand the test of time.
  • Develop a Resource Life Cycle model that sets out the enterprise's resources and for each resource, their life cycles including precedence vectors between appropriate nodes from the different resource life cycles. Such models automatically support Resource Life Cycle dependancy charts and present business information system and database design, build, and evolution completion sequences.
  • The Resource Life Cycle approach, developed by Ron Ross, is almost always correct when compared with the traditional ISP approach function model because a detailed function model is based on the rigid and detailed determination of human processes that are always fraught with error and continuously require changes. These required changes almost always, in turn, require significant changes to an already built information systems plan.
  • Allocate existing databases and business information systems to the various resource life cycle nodes.
  • Identification of multi-node business information systems should be refactored into single node business information systems.
  • The generation of precedent-based sequences for designing, building, deploying and evolving databases and business information systems.

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