Information Systems Planning, The Bet Your Business Project

The objective of the Information Systems Planning, The Bet Your Business Project presentation is set out a strategy that is reliable both repeatable for developing business information systems plans. This strategy is based on Ron Ross's Resource Life Cycle Analysis, and is enabled in a cost effective, reliable, and repeatable manner through the use the Metabase System. A key quality of this strategy is that the entire collection of Business Information Systems Plans can be set within the enterprise. Consequently, discoveries, work products and/or unforeseen events that affect adjacent or down-stream projects can be dealt with. The topics for this presentation include:

  • Why an Information Systems Plan
  • The Whitemarsh ISP 10 Step Approach
    • Create Mission Mode
    • Build High-level data model
    • Create Resources and the Resource Life Cycles
    • Allocate Precedence Vectors among RLC Nodes
    • Allocation extant business information systems and databases to RLC nodes
    • Allocate Standard Work Breakdown Structures to each Business Information System and Database Project
    • Load Resources into each Project
    • Schedule through Project Management System
    • Produce and Review Information Systems Plan
    • Execute and Adjust the Information Systems Plan through Time
  • Whitemarsh ISP Summary

This approach is supported by the Whitemarsh Metabase System's storage of the Resource Life Cycle networks. If is further supported by the Whitemarsh's project management system, work breakdown structures, and metrics. Through time the work breakdown structures can be adjusted.

Because the Whitemarsh ISP strategy is able to be enterprise-wide, reports can be generated for comprehensive "where-used" resources, work plans and elements, and other interrelated Metabase System stored work products that are affected including for example, data models, organizations, staff, missions organizations, business information systems and contained subsystems.

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