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Enterprise Governance Community of Interest Handbook

The Enterprise Governance Community of Interest Handbook, 2nd Edition, is just over 700 pages. It enables enterprises to set up the organizations that establish the policies and procedures to manage and governance across all the key work products of the enterprise. Unique to this COI book is the set of very detailed processes for assessing the integrity and correctness of the work products. Unique as well is the existence of a Whitemarsh Metabase System module specially designed to manage enterprise-wide governance and the record the results of work product integrity and correctness assessments. This book includes but not limited to:

** Rationale for governance across enterprise work products

** Blueprint for enterprise work product governance

** Communities of Interest including their organization, policies, procedures, staffing, projects, and operating rules and processes

** Step-by-step processes to assess enterprise work products

** Work product integrity and correctness risk determination with personal accountability and risk assessment history

** Methodology and plan to create focused organizations

** Strategies for meetings, decision making, and voting and resolving issues

Enterprise Governance Community of Interest Handbook
Enterprise Governance Community of Interest Handbook
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Enterprise Governance Community of Interest Handbook Bundle

The book's author is Michael M. Gorman.

Gorman is an Industry Leader for Data Management Standards & Secretary of the Database Languages Committee from the beginning.

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