Database Design

Enterprise Database design represents a coherent set of corporate policy across a subject area. As corporate policy is executed, data is produced that enables business analysts to research the past, control the present and plan for the future. Whitemarsh provides database design materials including data architecture descriptions, strategies for iterative database design, requirements evolution through prototyping, and techniques for evaluating packaged data models.

The formal process of database design is contained in the Whitemarsh methodology, and the metadata that results from database designs is managed on an enterprise-wide basis in the Whitemarsh metabase.


Data Architecture ClassesForm: PaperSample?
This material presents the five classes of data architecture that are commonly found in large organizations. Provided also are examples and characteristics of each.
Data Architecture ClassesForm: CourseSample?
This course presents the five different data architecture classes.
Data Model Evaluation WorkplanForm: PaperSample?
This paper presents a workplan for evaluating data models that may exist in previous efforts or that may be under evaluation during a software package procurement effort.
Guidelines for Data Architcture Class - Data WarehouseForm: PaperSample?
This paper presents the strategy and techniques necessary to design data warehouse databases. Emphasis is placed on the process necessary to transform a third normal form database to an efficient data warehouse database design. A warehouse database is a read-only database used by various managers and business analysts.
Iterations of Database DesignForm: PaperSample?
This material presents step-wise refinement techniques for creating a quality database design. The material assumes that database designs are first hypothesized and then both iterated into higher quality forms and also bound to underlying DBMS and physical environments so they can be implemented quickly and easily with the highest return on investment possible.

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