Whitemarsh's product line was built through more than 40 years of database project experience.  It is only fair to acknowledge those people who aided this progress, and their affiliations at the time.

Dick Fiddleman of The Council of Great City Schools, Washington, D.C.

Ted Ziehe, Don Flannagan, and Dick Clikeman of MRI Systems Corporation, Austin, TX

John Roby of Defense Logistics, Alexandria, Virginia

Andrei Jezierski and the late Matt Flavin, of Yourdon, New York City, NY

Art Chisholm, Bill Borst, Dan Prall, Larry Watkins, Scott Steele, George Harding, Jim Wells, and Eugene Lambert from DuPont, Wilmington, DE

Ranga Rangarajan, Lee Bushnell and Janet Bollier of the Bank of America, San Francisco, CA

David Anderson and Bob Evans of PECO, Davenport, IA

Perry Roubie and Sam O'Neal of CSC, Arlington, VA

Ed Peters and Bill Bronstein of Hershey Chocolate, Hershey, PA

Dick Root and Ken Laszczych of Freddie Mac, McLean, VA

Don Stewart and John Herge of CEXEC, McLean, VA

Dick Zins, Jerry Moss, and all the GLAMIS crew from CBSI, Arlington, VA

Harry Merrifield of Paradigm; Lake Ronkokoma, NJ

Joe Callahan and Dick O'Neil of Grumman Data Systems, McLean, VA

Hal Boylan and Eileen Clark of The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA

John Summers, Mike Goldman, Twyla Courtot, Linda Chambless, Stan Hopkins, Dagmar Bogan of The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA

Vince Ventrone, Jim Valentine, Bob Pancotti, Carol Buhrer, Beth Wolfset, and Christine Georgilis from The MITRE Corporation, Bedford, MA

Ed Nyhan of the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio

Jay Fast of Geneva Corp, Arlington, VA

Gene Fucetola, Aritie Mahal, and Steve Stimpson from Information Services International (a Mars Company), Mt. Olive, NJ

Jay Smith and David Swanson of Smith-Swanson Associates, Los Angeles. CA.

Rob Shirra of HDI Systems Corporation, Vancover, BC Canada

Lou Hribar of Structured Induction Technology, Inc

Hank Lavander of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency

Bruce Habercamp of the U.S. Army

Bob Brooker of the Soft Velocity Corporation

Robert Zaunere of the Soft Velocity Corporation

Robert Ricketts of the Soft Velocity Corporation

Robert Seiner of TDAN (

Gary Dechesneau of the U.S. Army

Russ Eggen of RAD Software (

Jim Blalock of FCI Corporation

Peter Aiken of the Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Robert Seiner of TDAN

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