Scenario Six for Using Whitemarsh Products

1. DBMS/Repository selection and evaluation

2. Specification of the corporate business model

3. Implementation of the corporate business model

4. Reverse engineering to materialize the corporate business model

5. Metabase installation and consulting

6. Database training

Database Training

The final area of Whitemarsh Business opportunity is training. Whitemarsh has three series of courses, as follows:

1. Enterprise Database Courses

  • Management Challenge--1 day
  • Developing the Information Systems Plan--2 days
  • Four Critical Factors--2 days
  • Database Objects--5 days
  • Enterprise Database in a Client/Server Environment--3 days
  • Business Model Specification--5 days & workshops
  • Business Model Implementation--5 days & workshops

2. Repository Courses

  • Repository-based Development--½ day
  • Repository System Development--5 days
  • Repository Requirements Specification--3 days

3. DBMS Technology

  • Database Technology--5 days
  • DBMS Requirements Specification--3 days

The quantity of time for each course is listed above. Whitemarsh can either teach the courses listed above, or after several instances of the course at a client site turn the courses over to a client instructor for subsequent client-based instructor courses.

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