Questions Answered by
Enterprise Architecture Book

  • What's an Architecture?
  • What's an Enterprise Architecture?
  • Is There One Grand Architecture or Many?
  • What's the Knowledge Worker?
  • Does the Knowledge Worker Have a Framework?
  • What Enterprise Architectures Are Critical for the Knowledge Worker?
  • What's the Effect on Business Information Systems Development from Bad Architectures?
  • What's the Difference Between Enterprise Architectures and the Enterprise's Architecture?
  • Where Do the Various Data Architectures Fit Within Enterprise Architectures?
  • How Do You Engineer Data to Maximize Re-use, Integration, and Non-redundancy?
  • Can You Keep from Making Enterprise Architecture Stove-pipes?
  • How Do You Make All the Architectures Integrated and Non-redundant?
  • How Do You Square Enterprise Architectures with DoDAF Architecture Products?
  • What role does a Metabase play with Enterprise Architectures?
  • How can Enterprise Architectures accelerate Information System Plans?

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