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Information Systems Plans are essential for any well-ordered enterprise. It is not uncommon for a business information system of import to the business to take well above 20,000 staff hours. Because business information systems can take so long, accomplishing them in a highly engineered order is necessary to conserve staff and other resources, and to ensure maximum re-usability of work products created within one developed business information system that can be used in a subsequent business information system development project.

The Whitemarsh approach was adapted from Ron Ross's Resource Life Cycle analysis. The Whitemarsh approach has the characteristics of being highly efficient, effective, reliable, and repeatable. Further, everything developed is employable across many of the subsequently developed business information systems and databases.

When the work products of this approach are set with the Whitemarsh project management methodology, project plans can be rapidly manufactured. Whenever subsequent but unexpected problems in the business, staffing, other resources, or business directions changes occur, the existing business information system plans can be quickly amended and regenerated.



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