Manufacturing Project Plans


2 hours

  1. Identify and Describe Project
    • Set out project objectives and outcomes
    • Determine overall time line for project
  2. Identify Deliverable Templates
  3. Select applicable work environment factors
  4. Create project within Metabase System
  5. Build Project Deliverables
    • Select Deliverable templates
    • Build Project Deliverables
    • Sequence Project Deliverables
    • Generate Project Tasks based on Project Tasks
    • Estimate deliverable quantity for each project deliverable
  6. Associate Work Environment Factors with Project tasks
  7. Identify and allocate Skills and Skill Levels with Project Tasks
  8. Allocate staff and staff skill levels to assigned tasks
  9. Generate resource loaded project plan
  10. Determine initial project time-line
  11. Allocate additional quantities of staff for assigned staff
  12. Modify effects of changing work environment factors on generated project task time lines
  13. Modify staff skill levels and staff to determine effect on generated project time lines
  14. Iterate previous work environment factors, staff quantities, and staff skill levels until maximum efficiencies are achieved.

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