Metabase System
Bill of Materials and Single File Recursion

  • Need for Bill of Materials and Single File Recursions
  • Simple and Complex Metabase System Data Models
  • Bill of Materials
    • Data model for Bill of Materials
    • Identifying Metabase System Bills of Materials
    • Demonstration Example
    • Showing Bill of Materials
    • Adding New Parts
    • Adding New Assemblies
    • Adding New Assembly Types
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Bills of Materials
    • Reporting
  • Single File Recursions
    • Data model
    • Identifying Metabase System Single File Recursions
    • Demonstration Example
    • Showing Single File Recursion
    • Adding New Levels
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Single File Recursions
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Features Advantages and Benefits
    • Reporting

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