Post Deployment
Business Information System Management

About 50% of all deployed Business Information Systems fail to take hold and be successful. While the reasons are both many and varied, two stand out and have been completely documented by almost every organization that has examined post-deployment failures. The reasons are:

  • Incorrect understanding of or missing "true" requirements
  • Business Organizations and Functions not properly re-engineered

The first source of Business Information System failure is addressed through the presentations, demonstrations, and papers within the data management area, Iterative Requirements Development and RFP Development, and the activities from the first two rows of the Knowledge Worker Framework. Requirements-based errors cause over 40% of business information systems errors.

The second category, improperly re-engineered business organizations and functions, comprise about 50% of all business information systems errors. This source of fatal business information system errors almost always come as a complete surprise to all the business information system participants. This category of presentations, demonstrations, and papers explore this very important data management area.




  • Dealing with the 50% Cause of Business Information System Failures

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