Data-Centered Development and Management

Whitemarsh ROI Savings Summary

Traditionally developed business information systems developed through process-driven techniques cost significantly more than those created through data-driven techniques. The conservative estimate is that process-driven business information systems take 4.6 times longer to develop because the quantity of work products is 4.6 times larger.

Increased costs are not the sole problem. Business Information System bloat greatly increases maintenance time and cost, reduces efficiency, and because of the 4.6 greater work products factor, the ability to easily and effectively integrate, interoperate, and have consistent semantics is compromised.

The Whitemarsh data-driven techniques not only greatly reduce Business Information System bloat and maintenance, but also increase integration, interoperability and consistency. In addition to all these benefits, the Whitemarsh approach has an ROI of 28:1. This is a 3x silver bullet.

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