SQL 1999 Impact on Data and Database Administration

The SQL 1999 Impact on Data and Database Administration presentation sets out the real-world effects of the ISO/ANSI SQL 1999 Standard. Simply put, SQL 1999 and beyond are NOT relational. These standards are not relational for the following two VERY BIG reasons:

  • A column in a table can have very complex multiple-level structures.
  • The value associated with a column can be a DBMS generated pointer to a different row in a different table.

This presentation sets out all the critically new syntax and semantics facilities that not only make SQL 1999 NOT relational, it also describes how SQL 1999 can construct explicit networks and hierarchies, and also can explicitly specify Codasyl Sets and many-to-many relationships. The topics of the course address:

  • What's a DBMS Data Model
  • SQL 1999
    • Data Model
      • Data Structures
        • Data Types (really data structures)
          • Data Type: Ref Types
          • Data Type: Arrays
          • Data Type: ROW Data Structures
          • Data Type: User Defined Types
    • Foundation Components
      • Triggers
      • Savepoints
      • Roles Security Enhancement
      • Recursion
      • Information Schema
    • Call Level Interface
    • Multi-Media Components
    • Programming Language
    • Management of External data (MED)
    • Implementations
  • Summary and Conclusions along with updates to the ISO/ANSI Standard from SQL 2002, 2008, and 2012.

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