Strong Metadata Infrastructure
Essential for Success


1 hour

The focus of the Strong Metadata Infrastructure Essential for Success presentation is to fully acquaint CIOs and CEOs of the key factors that contribute to Information Technology success. And, success in IT is an essential prerequisite for enterprise success. The key factors addressed in this presentation include:

  • Essentialness of policy management
  • Impact on reuse from IT sophisticated IT Work Products
  • Criticality of Data Architectures
  • Data Architecture Reference Model
  • Key Data Architecture Reference Models
  • IT Work Product Integration, Interoperability and Non-Redundancy
  • Traditional Water-Fall SDLC approach and its key problem
  • Data-Driven, Zero-Coding Prototyping replacement approach
  • Post Project deployment Continuous Flow SDLC approach
  • Prototyping Impact on IT Success
  • ROI: Theory or Reality?

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