View Data Models (SQL)


1 hour

The focus of the View Data Models (SQL) presentation is the description of the strategy to create SQL Views from Operational Data Models. View data models achieve several purposes. First the creation of combined-value view columns that present the combined value to the business information system (e.g., Full Name from first, middle, and last).

Second the creation of a derived view column or calculated value that is computed through the use of a nested view-based Select Clause and various view-based SQL operators.

In both these cases, the mapping to compound or derived business data elements is supported. Supported as well are the view column mappings to DBMS columns.

Second, the manufacturing of views from subsets of data components from Operational Data Models.

Third, the specification of the process to be employed within the view data model for the combination and/or computation of derived data models.

The topics included in the presentation include:

  • Generation of Views
  • Generation of View Columns
  • Creation of view-based processes
  • Assignment of compound and derived Business Data Elements to View Columns
  • Assignment of DBMS Columns to View Columns
  • Synchronization of View Column definitions

There are a number of demonstrations supporting this presentation.

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