Whitemarsh Products and Services


1 hour, 2 hours, Half Day, Full Day, Two Days

The Whitemarsh Products and Services presentations all follow the same fundamental outline. The presentations differ in the level of detail and the inclusion of demonstrations for the half, full, and two day presentations. There are Metabase System demonstrations during the full presentation. During the two-day presentations there are Metabase System attendee developed work product workshops.

The topics include:

  • Frameworks
  • The Knowledge Worker Framework
  • The Metabase System
  • Whitemarsh Support of the Knowledge Worker Framework
  • Data Standardization, the Key to Interoperability
  • Database Projects
  • Information System Plans
  • Project Management
  • Metabase Demonstration
  • Whitemarsh Product Line
  • Key Benefits to the Enterprise
  • Key Industry Person Comments and Whitemarsh Direction

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