Whitemarsh Project Management


1 hour

The Whitemarsh Project Management presentation sets out a strategy for accomplishing not just the management of a specific project, but the management of collections of projects in such a way that underway project components are visible across the enterprise.

The foundation of the Whitemarsh approach is a comprehensive project management database that is completely integrated with the other Metabase System functional modules. Because of this integration, enterprise information systems management can determine just what projects are underway, which ones address a given subset of business information systems, functions, organizations, data architecture components, and the like. To accomplish these reporting capabilities, the Whitemarsh project management database contains data collections for:

  • Contracts, organization and contract resources (staff)
  • Resources (Ron Ross' Resource Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Project and Deliverable Templates
  • Actual project tasks, deliverables,
  • Unit effort metrics
  • Staff skills and performance levels
  • Work environment factors that affect estimates
  • Actual work accomplishment accounting

A strategy that greatly assists in the development, management and reporting projects is the ability to have standardized project, deliverable, and task templates that can be employed to generate project work plans.

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