Data Interoperability Lectures, & Workshops


Michael M. Gorman

Data Interoperability:

Workshop Problem Description and Objectives


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Data Interoperability Workshop Policies, Outline, FAQs

The main topics of the complete Data Interoperability Lectures/Workshop Course include:

  • The key concepts that surround data interoperability. That is, the goal of integrated database, the problems that ensue along the road, data architecture classes, data management goals, and data interoperability architecture components.
  • The need for frameworks, commonly existing ones, and consequences of not having and following well-engineered frameworks that are comprehensive and detailed.
  • The critical roles played by cross-functional communities of interest to identify and build sharable data specifications.
  • A practicably achievable approach to build information systems plans that "live" and are able to be updated on a regular basis. Information Systems Plans are almost an automatic byproduct of the data interoperability workshops.
  • Eighteen distinct student-performed workshops in which the students are guided in groups of three to develop all the critical metadata required for data interoperability. The workshops are not just "practice." Rather, they result in a metadata repository-based shared data information systems completely supported by analysis, design, and specification.
  • Two practical scenarios of putting the materials to immediate use: Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering. The importance of each metadata model component is identified and described.

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