Michael M. Gorman, President
Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation

Michael M. Gorman has almost 45 years experience in data processing, most of which has been focused on database, DBMS, and database projects. Mr. Gorman developed the Whitemarsh database product line which consists of a DBMS and repository selection and evaluation questionnaires, full life cycle database project methodology, Information Systems Planning methodology, project management software including metrics, the Metabase CASE/Repository system, a large quantity of courses and workshops for managers, database administrators, and database project personnel.

Mr. Gorman worked for the System Development Corporation which in conjunction with MITRE and Lincoln Labs invented data management. He was the Federal manager for MRI Systems Corporation, whose data management system, System 2000, was deployed throughout the U.S. Government. Gorman was the Federal Database Product Manager for the Computer Sciences Corporation. He authored Yourdon's database project and database administration courses. He also was a member of The MITRE Corporation's technical staff and the conference and program manager for MITRE's Data Management conference.

Mr. Gorman brought database and DBMS to over 30 Federal agencies including HUD, USDA, Army, Navy, Air Force, EPA, Energy, Commerce, Office of Personnel Management, Freddie Mac, and USGS; worked with state governments including California, Delaware and the Ohio Supreme Court; and worked with industrial clients including Bank of America, Hartford Insurance, Du Pont, Hershey, and Mars. For these clients, Mr. Gorman designed, developed and installed database designs, data architectures, and management information systems dealing with finance, housing, justice, court management, manufacturing, public safety, inventory management, logistics, human resources, environment, education, and national defense.

Mr. Gorman has presented to DAMA 2000-2007 International conferences, to WRAD, and to many DAMA chapters including New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. and also to SHARE/GUIDE. He has also taught for several years at the Washington, D.C. ACM professional seminars.

Mr. Gorman has been secretary of the ANSI NCITS H2 Technical Committee on Database for almost 30 years. The H2 committee developed the 1986, 1989, 1992, 1999, and 2003 SQL standards.

Mr. Gorman has taught in graduate schools, and guest lectured at universities. His books have been used at University of Texas, Wheeling Jesuit University, The George Washington University, and the University of Maryland.

He has published articles for IDC, Auerbach, Computer World, several ACM journals, and books through Q.E.D. Information Sciences, and John Wiley and Sons.  He is the president of Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation, which provides database focused consulting services, books, courses,  workshops, training, methodologies, and upper CASE software tools.

Mr. Gorman's most recent books can be purchased directly from the Whitemarsh website. You can also find many of his articles from TDAN, from Short Papers, and from Featured Papers.


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For addtional publications, see also Short Papers and TDAN Articles.

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