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Whitemarsh's Data Management Series is a collection of books, courses, and essays focused on achieving quality data management in an enterprise setting.

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Whitemarsh's Data Management Series of books address the critical issues that face enterprises as they strive for quality data management, and maximum cost-effective data interoperability. Every book is focused on increased productivity, increased quality, decreased cost and decreased risk. Currently, the books are:

Data Interoperability & Governance Community of Interest Handbook bundle. The bundle includes five books: 1) Enterprise Architectures, 2) Data Interoperability..., 3) Enterprise Governance..., 4) Strategy for Success..., and 5) Data Management Concepts books for a fantastic price. Check out this great deal.

Whitemarsh has created Book Bundles that include the Concepts and Terms book half-off its regular with the order of any other Whitemarsh book.

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We are developing PDF versions of all the books that can be purchased at a reduced price. One version is for personal use and the the other is for enterprise-wide use. There is a restricted use license at the bottom of each page to distinguish personal and enterprise-wide use. This should eliminate all the shipping cost issues.

The Enterprise Architectures book, if followed causes the development of architectures, not database models, nor business information systems. These architectures, if developed implemented and maintained across a large project, organization, functional area, or the enterprise ensure the integration of data semantics, policy, and procedures.

The Data Interoperability Community of Interest Handbook enables enterprises to set up the organizations that establish the policies and procedures to manage and evolve the operations vital to the development of shared-data database models and  business information systems that create and employ shared data

The Enterprise Governance Community of Interest Handbook enables enterprises to set up the organizations that establish the policies and procedures to manage and governance across all the key work products of the enterprise. Unique to this COI book is the set of very detailed processes for assessing the integrity and correctness of the work products. Unique as well is the existence of a Whitemarsh Metabase System module specially designed to manage enterprise-wide governance and the record the results of work product integrity and correctness assessments.

The Data Semantics Management book accelerates the development of high quality database models and enterprise data semantics within large projects, across an entire functional area, throughout an organization, and over an enterprise. These data semantics models ensure that constructed databases have consistent semantics, and are supported by automatically constructed data names and definitions.

The Strategy for Successful Development of Business Information Systems squarely addresses the U.S. General Accountability Office's cited root causes for failure and sets out step-by-step strategies to counter them. Among the key strategies is the use of prototyping to refine requirements until "nailed," and the use of metadata driven business information system generators to keep efforts under control, and make these efforts reliable, repeatable, and predictable.

The Data Management Concepts and Terms book contains the concepts and terms are critical to a clear understanding of Data management, database, enterprise database, and business information systems are such subjects and they use a dizzying quantity of terms and concepts. Some that are the same mean different things. Some that are different mean the same thing. The book comprehensively provides, defines, and illustrates uses of over 900 terms and concepts that critical to data management, database, enterprise database, ANSI Database Standards, DBMS Standards including SQL, and business information systems

Additional Data Management Series books are under development. Book purchasers not only receive discounts on new books as they are released, they receive deep discount offers on future editions, and are enrolled into Whitemarsh discussion forums.

The Metabase System brings these books to life. Request yours now. In addition to the Metabase System, check out our White Papers on critical data management topics.

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