Enterprise Architectures

The objective of the Enterprise Architectures is the creation of architectures that should exist across the enterprise to ensure integration of data, semantics, and policy. The five contained architectures:

  •   The Enterprise's architecture.
  •   The Database Object Class architecture.
  •   The Data architectures.
  •   The Resource Life Cycle Analysis architecture.
  •   The Business Information Systems Plans architecture.

The book starts with explaining what enterprise architectures are, and the components that should exist in a quality architecture. The book sets all five architectures within the Knowledge Worker Framework. The book describes the all-important role of the metadata repository as the mechanism for integration and non-redundant representation of all the work products.

This book shows that the five architectures are important to comprehensively manage the work products of knowledge workers. This book further shows that all these materials reinforce each other, are integrated, and enable enterprises to understand their past, operate the present, and plan for the future.

This book answer these key questions.

The Enterprise Architectures book is about 250 pages.

This book provides:

1)  Clear and Concise Explanation of Enterprise Architecture;

2)  An Outline for the Elements of Good Architectural Design;

3)  Exploration of the Myth Behind a Single Architecture Works for All Problems;

4)  Definition of the "Knowledge Worker Framework" for contained Architecture;

5)  Enumeration of the Five Critical Architectures of the Enterprise;

6)  Exploration of the Metabase Solution for Enterprise Architectures;

7)  And Much, Much More ! Go to Table of Contents and Chapter 1


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