Metabase System Software

The metabase software system is used for  aiding enterprise database

The Metabase System is 32 bit Microsoft Windows software, engineered to operate through SQL DBMSs.

The Metabase system is developed through Clarion, the Business Information Systems Generator from the SoftVelocity Corporation. 

The Metabase System has a Client/Server architecture and thus has a very sophisticated end-user interface and embedded metadata processing capabilities.

The Metabase System can run natively over an over the client’s Intranet, or, through Thin@, over the Internet

The Metabase System has been tested under most versions of Windows.  A note details the Windows OS versions.

When the Metabase System is installed on a Windows Server O/S. The Metabase databases can operate through Linux or Unix.

This approach gives you a Client/Server Win-Win distributed access over both the intra-net and Internet.

The Whitemarsh Metabase software system is enterprise metadata management software designed to answer these critical questions.

  • Metabase Software System: v7.7.0  - (10/06/2016) The Metabase system includes  two pre-made metabase databases. The first, Movies, contains enterprise-wide metadata for a multiple-billion dollar corporation. The second, Metabase, is all ready for your metadata. To request a copy of the Free metabase, please visit our Metabase Request page.
  • A paper that sets out how the Metabase system addresses Enterprise Data Interoperability and Metadata Management Needs, Need Characteristics and Solutions. Another paper, Metabase Overview, describes the rationale for the Metabase System and also contains the diagrams of the Metabase meta-models.
  • Here is another paper that defines what the Metabase System is, its setting within the Knowledge Worker Framework, the common sources for IT system errors within the context of the Knowledge Worker Framework, an extensive check list of Metabase System capabilities by Metabase module, and finally a Return on Investment in terms of database and business information system development.
  • Our recommended SQL DBMS for the Metabase Software System is Mimer SQL Enterprise. The Getting Started Guide provide all the necessary setup information.
  • Latest Metabase readme.txt   Updated 10/06/2016
  • Metabase Getting Started Guide Updated 07/21/2015 using the Whitemarsh Metabase Software System.
  • Metabase Administrator’s Guide 07/21/2015 - This guide is for Metabase DBAs who need a short manual for installing the Metabase.
  • Metabase Reports (75+ Crystal Reports)  Updated 11/01/2007 
  • Metabase User Guides 10/06/2015 
  • Metabase Reverse and Forward Engineering Users Guide 11/01/2007
  • Data Modeler Architecture and Concept of Operations For use with the Data Modeler modules. 02/07/2006  
  • Completely Fair and Thoroughly Objective” (ahem!) comparison of Whitemarsh Metabase and CA’s Erwin.
  • Mimer SQL Engine DBMS documentation is also available at the Mimer WebSite.
  • Metabase Overview
    This paper presents the rationale for and scope of the Whitemarsh Metadata Software system. The Whitemarsh Metabase has been implemented a number of times over the past 25 years. Not only have Metabase assisted database projects always been successful, these projects have always come in early, with more features, and the costs for implementation have been lower. Finally, the risk of accomplishment has been greatly reduced.
  • Need help with a Metabase question, or technical support?

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